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At Bell Music CenterOn this Mother’s Day, I would like to make my first blog to congratulate all those mothe
r artists who, besides being mothers, must continue with the impetus and energy to continue creating. The truth is that for an artist mother, children, at least in my short experience as a mother and artist, are a source of inspiration. Even though they consume all your energy during the day, when night comes and you see them asleep, at least in my short experience, it is a moment of inviting the muse to come over and create!

I admire artist mothers who have not let their dreams take a backseat while raising their children. In fact, they’ve done the opposite- they’ve involved their children in their artistic journey, showing them the raw, unfiltered essence of their creative souls. This is where the magic happens, where the child meets the creative being that is also their mother.

Artist mothers, I invite you not to give up on your artistic passions. Parenting is not about sacrificing your dreams but finding a beautiful balance between the two. In fact, parenting with art can create a wonderful synergy that enriches your life and your children’s.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Are you an artist mom? I would love to hear about your experience and how you have coped with both roles. Feel free to comment and share this blog.

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Seguimos transformando!!!

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